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     The Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts (OAS-ELA) were adopted several years ago.  I understand the Oklahoma State Department of Education and Oklahoma educators teach specific curriculum.  Books that are chosen for our libraries within the Bartlesville Public School system do raise some concerns, but I have no plan to encourage a “book ban.”   That is a most unfortunate rumor publicly posted by the Washington County Democratic Party and the Examiner Enterprise.     It is completely false. 


     In the future, I want parents to understand what is on our schools' library shelves, how they can access that information (library inventory catalogs can be found online here) and what their children may be bringing home from the library.   Parents need to be informed that divisive and corrosive ideology in literature currently sits in our Bartlesville Public Schools’ library shelves. One of these books has raised concerns in other communities for the push of racism and hatred for our police.   Parents have the final authority, and need to be equipped with the know.      

     When I posted about this on social media someone commented "Careful JB, one person's "corrosive ideology" is another person's religion."   This is actually my thought exactly.   Our public schools should not be promoting any ideologies.  Stick to the basics - reading, writing, mathematics, history and critical thinking.   Parents should be aware of all curriculum and ideology that is presented and condoned in our school system.

Children reading in a library
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