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Critical Race Theory Blocks

      While my opponent contends that this is a 'national narrative that doesn’t exist here', I am adamant that it does.   Look no further than the candidate who Mr. Bilger supported in 2020 and her strong advocacy for liberal legislation and ideology in Public Schools.  At the State level these issues are being addressed.   Last year HB1775 was presented.  Bilger's endorsed candidate, Emilie Tindle, called for a Veto of this Bill

      My opponent has addressed the concerns of community members regarding  "some kind of a national narrative or threat to parents’ rights or students’ rights showing up in Bartlesville" by saying  "I assure you if that time comes, you want a litigator in this chair"  It is not the role of the School Board to litigate anything.   The district has legal counsel for that.   I believe our district is in dire need of someone who is a collaborator, a mediator, an advocator of truth.

      I will stand as a watchdog against CRT, SEL or any other newly branded version of curriculum that is driven by cross-disciplinary intellectual and social activists.

(read more on SEL here)

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