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It has been said that the Bartlesville School District's student performance has been steady (I would somewhat agree).  It has also been touted that our students' performance levels are some of the best in the State.   The questions that need to be addressed are:  Is the "steady" level acceptable?   and Are current State levels of performance acceptable?


At a PEAK meeting last week my opponent  stated that the numbers I shared during the debate represented a single year (during Covid) and therefore weren’t a representation of actual performance.   Please see the bar chart that clearly illustrates scores from years leading up to the pandemic.  Again I ask, are these score acceptable?   Regardless of how this stands when compared with the State results, BPS's historically, reoccurring nonproficiency rates of 50% and above are not acceptable to me. 


I believe we can do better and I believe we owe it to our future generations to provide them with the tools for future success.

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I have met with many of the School principals and teachers. I am deeply appreciative of their hard work. This is not an attack on our wonderful teachers.   I appreciate the challenges that our teachers face every day.   Their students are impacted by many things outside the classroom that directly and significantly impact their behavior and performance. 

It’s time to pull together.


Create an environment within our faculty, administration and community that fosters transparency.

Let’s look honestly at our children’s performance.

I am confident there are answers.


With a collaborative approach I want to discover new creative ways to help all our students gain the tools that will put them on the road to success!

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